The Skinny on Pure Barre

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to attend a free Pure Barre class at Hotel Monaco Philadelphia’s Rx Resolution event. While I had attended barre classes near Boston quite regularly last year, I was impressed with the different approach they take at Pure Barre. The classes I took in Boston consisted of standard arm and leg movements drawn from ballet. We used light weights– I believe no more than three pounds. While Pure Barre also uses light weights in some of their movements, the movements were much more subtle than any I’ve ever done outside of mat pilates classes and many of the movements were ones I hadn’t seen there either, despite taking three years of pilates classes (until I moved and my new gym didn’t offer them outside of my work hours).

The Pure Barre movements being so subtle, it’s imperative that you perform them correctly in order to reap the benefits. I was beyond impressed with Noelle and her team at the event. They politely corrected everyone’s form throughout the 45-minute class and also assisted in helping us get deeper stretches during the cool down stretch.

With my first timed half marathon coming up, I’m excited I discovered Pure Barre. The owner told me that a lot of runners have improved their times with Pure Barre, as it strengthens smaller muscles they don’t usually hit. This also helps them with balance and precision. So if you’re a runner looking to hit your next PR, it might be a good time to give this a whirl!

Conveniently the hotel sold raffle tickets benefiting Back on My Feet and I scored the jackpot (in my book) with a free month of barre classes—the only cool prize I’ve ever won! The other prizes included a free month of Flywheel classes and a Hotel Monaco stay, among others. Almost as good as winning the raffle were munching on the delicious granola bars the hotel whipped up—watch out, Kashi!

The only downfall is that I didn’t realize the kickboxing class they offered during the event is a bit like boot camp. I would have loved to try that too. My fingers are crossed that they’ll have another event soon! And for all you yogis, they also offered free yoga classes at the event.

If you want to be sure to catch the next similar event, follow your local Kimpton’s account/s on social media. Philadephia, that’s @KimptonInPHL.

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