Easy, Satisfying Lunch Options

In this post you’ll find suggestions for everything from fast food, to sit down, to easy work lunch ideas. Enjoy!

Rice cakes (2 = 1 PointsPlus®) with Smart Balance Peanut Butter (2 tbs = 5 PointsPlus®), 2 tsp. mini chocolate chips (1 PointsPlus®), 1 cup nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt (4 PointsPlus®), a serving of fruit, 11 PointsPlus® total. Note: If you’ve never had it, Smart Balance Peanut Butter tastes like regular peanut butter but has the same points value as low fat without all the extra chemicals.

Saltines (4 = 1 PointsPlus®) with Smart Balance Peanut Butter, English breakfast tea, a large bunch of grapes, and an apple, 6 PointsPlus® total.

Wendy’s large chili and side garden salad (8 PointsPlus®). I like to put a little of the salad in the chili at a time. Then I don’t need to waste points on dressing! If I have extra points, I add a point and eat the saltines that come with the chili (4 saltines = 1 PointsPlus®).

Longhorn parmesan crusted chicken lunch entrée with rice pilaf. The key to this amazingly delicious entrée is to only eat half of each of the two items. If you don’t have the willpower to resist eating the whole thing, ask the server to box and bag half prior to serving it. I also only allot 1 PointsPlus® for 1 tbsp of vinaigrette on the salad that comes with the meal. If you eat more, obviously you’ll need to track it! 13 PointsPlus® total. Yes, it’s one of the higher points options, but it’s not “diet food” at all and is super satisfying. It’s one of the lowest point dining out meals I’ve found that isn’t simply grilled chicken on a salad or some similarly boring option. Really, just writing about this one makes my mouth water.

Trader Joe’s Frozen BBQ Teriyaki Chicken (1 cup is 4 PointsPlus®) with rice (5 PointsPlus® per cup) and steamed broccoli. I keep both traditional brown rice and instant brown rice (ready in 10 minutes) on hand, as the traditional rice is less expensive but takes nearly an hour to cook. For the broccoli (0 PointsPlus®), I fill a small steamer pot ¼ of the way with water, put the washed chopped broccoli in the collander portion of the pot, and bring the water to a boil. Once it’s boiling, I set a timer for 8 minutes. For the chicken, follow the simple instructions on the package. They are for the microwave. If you’re more ambitious, you can instead warm it in a skillet. This provides a slightly crunchier texture on the outside of the chicken pieces. Just coat the skillet with some nonstick cooking spray. Cover the chicken on medium heat and stir occasionally. I only eat ¾ cup of the chicken in a sitting, bringing this lunch (or dinner) to 8 PointsPlus® total. Typically I make two bags of chicken and a head of broccoli for dinner, along with two servings of rice for me and however many servings of rice my husband wants. We then both have enough to have leftovers once. I put all my leftovers in a Tupperware and reheat at work in the microwave.

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