Surprising Point Deals Part VI

These options give you a pretty substantial bang for your point (or calorie) buck and all three are quick options you don’t have to prepare yourself. I’m especially happy to have these in my playbook when I’m bustling to finish everything on time for the holidays. The popcorn’s nice to bring to a party if you’re in a rush and want something to munch that you know won’t derail your health efforts. It’s still a nice party treat, but isn’t going to do too much damage. Also, it’s a great serving size, which is always appreciated!

Chicken pita (gyro) with Tzatziki sauce: 10 PointsPlus®. I typically order mine from my local house of pizza. Note that this points value only allows for a thin smear of Tzakiki and one (3 oz) serving of chicken. Also, an oversized pita will cost you more points. However, you really shouldn’t need any of these things, as this option is super filling as is.

Buffalo Chicken Tender Salad: 9 PointsPlus®. I like this one for lunch especially—maybe it’s just me, but having fried chicken tenders with creamy dressing seems like quite a treat sometimes. The points total includes all the veggies you like, 2 buffalo chicken tenders, and 2 tablespoons low fat blue cheese dressing. Like the chicken pita, I typically order mine from my local house of pizza; however, if you make your own and use Weight Watchers brand chicken tenders tossed in Tobasco sauce, you’ll save 4 PointsPlus. Not bad if you have the time!

New England Popcorn Company Caramel Popcorn: 4 PointsPlus® for ¼ of 5 oz. container

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