Too-Easy Tostadas

This “recipe” is great for lunch or dinner—it’s so easy it feels wrong to even call it a recipe. I typically make it for Sunday dinner and prep additional measured ingredients into Tupperware bowls–those ones with multiple compartments work great. On Monday, I bring a reusable grocery tote filled with the Tupperware to work and stow the items in the refrigerator.  I assemble a fresh tostada each day at lunch from the ingredients I stowed Monday morning. So easy!

Ingredients per Tostada

1 tostada shell (2 PointsPlus® for 1 oz. shell)

¼ cup fat free refried beans (1 PointsPlus®)

Up to ¼ cup fat free sour cream (1 PointsPlus®)


As much shredded romaine as you like

Chopped tomato

Total PointsPlus® Value: 4!



Layer in the order listed above. If you like, you can add fat free or low fat shredded cheese (the former is 1 PointsPlus® for 4 tablespoons) and/or guacamole (2 tbsp. is 1 PointsPlus®).


These are so easy they were one of the only “recipes” my roommate and I had time for in grad school. Lifesaver!

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