Quick, Easy Low-Point Snacks

Jolly Time Healthy Pop popcorn (1.2 oz bag). Whether you choose the traditional butter option or the salty-sweet kettle option, I love both of these with a Coke Zero, especially over a good book! The combination is surprisingly filling. 3 PointsPlus®.

Sugar Free Jello. Although of course not the most filling, this one’s great for when you’re a bit sick of fruit and just want something sweet. With a ton of flavor options, it’s just 1 PointsPlus® for 3 ½ cups!

Instant pudding requires milk so it adds some calcium to your diet. If prepared with skim milk, ½ cup of the fat free sugar free variety is just 2 PointsPlus®. Explore the flavor options.

Strawberries with Splenda and up to 2 cups fat free whipped cream. You can sometimes purchase strawberries packaged with Splenda in the refrigerated and/or frozen section of your local grocery store. If you can’t find them, just buy a pound of fresh strawberries and add 1-2 Splenda packets after you mash them. Top with Fat Free whipped cream (like Redi-wip). 1 PointsPlus®.

Strawberries with Splenda and fat free plain Greek yogurt. If you need more protein than the option above, just substitute the whipped cream for a cup of fat free plain Greek yogurt. I also frequently eat this one for breakfast. 3 PointsPlus®.

Yasso frozen Greek yogurt bar. Mark and I especially love this one after a run—the cold creamy texture is a great reward and the protein is usually much needed. We prefer the strawberry, which tastes a bit sweeter than the blueberry. 2 PointsPlus®.

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