Confessions of A Fitnessaholic

I noticed while writing my last post that I made two confessions in it. But I posted it anyway. So to mix things up a bit, here are a few more:

  • While people view me as a fitnessaholic (because I work out 8-11 hours a week?), I’m pretty normal in that I crave many forms of fast food all.the.time. I hear that a sugar detox can help reduce cravings, so I’m going to give that a shot soon. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.
  • There are days, especially Tuesdays, where I really want to bail on the gym. But I don’t. Ever. (Really.)
  • There are days where I (literally) walk to the gym with my eyes barely open. (I keep them open just enough to not run into things. Like moving cars.)
  • There are days where I am really jealous of “normal” people who don’t have to watch what they eat or workout much. I pathetically try to rationalize this away by telling myself that someday, they’ll more than likely have to join the masses of us that must watch it.
  • I eat a number of foods (spinach being the prime example) that I really don’t like. Apples are another good example. I used to like them quite a bit, but since they became 0 points, I’ve been eating about two a day, and it’s getting really old. However, they are still really cheap and convenient!
  • I frequently want to throw out all the free goodies in the office kitchen so I don’t have to resist temptation all day. One of these days I just might.
  • I secretly want to pat on the back my coworkers who eat the junk food, getting it out of my face faster.
  • I would love to “go clean,” or start eating clean, but I haven’t found the discipline and my biggest crutch is diet soda, which I have a can of nearly every day. I have, however, stopped ordering it at restaurants. Baby steps 🙂
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3 thoughts on “Confessions of A Fitnessaholic

  1. Big Bro on said:

    Yay! Nice blog post, Sis 🙂 Very funny, too…of course! I want to eat clean, too…but it’s just not gonna happen, unless I get rich enough to hire a personal chef who can feed me 24/7.

  2. I feel like I just read my own diary! These are all confessions I have too, except I do manage to eat a very clean, strict diet. And it is the hardest thing ever, especially when living with people who get to eat all the food I wish I could eat! It’s hard, but I tell myself it’s worth it. I make clean recipes of junk food so I still get to eat some. Great post 🙂

  3. Congrats, SlenderGrapefruit! I’m going to try some of your clean junk food recipes. Baby steps 🙂

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