Yeah, It Was Too Good To Be True

On a visit home last weekend, my aunt and cousin told me about a place called Red Mango that has 0 PointsPlus® soft serve. They calculated out the points and determined that they could have 2 whole cups for 0 PointsPlus®. However, that had given them horrible stomach aches due to the product’s high fiber content. Needing a soft serve fix, my mom and I headed over two days later. The only flavor that clocked in at 0 PointsPlus was the raspberry, so I got about 1 ¼ cups, thinking that to be a more reasonable amount. A severe stomach ache—identical to the one my aunt and cousin had described—ensued.

Needless to say, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

On a sunnier note, my mom had a combination of their other flavors and didn’t get the stomach ache of the century, despite having about the same amount as me. This is likely because the fiber content of those is more normal. However, the PointsPlus values of Red Mango’s other flavors leave much to be desired. I’ll stick to Only 8, thanks! ½ cup is 1 PointsPlus®. If you can’t find that in your area, I suggest Fat Free Breyer’s ice cream from your grocery store (they typically have chocolate and vanilla in my area, Boston) or Wow Cow (softserve). The former is 2 PointsPlus® for ½ cup and the latter is 3. Both beat full fat ice cream, points-wise!

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