I <3 My SodaStream

One invention that helps me maintain my 40-pound weight loss is the SodaStream. I’ve never invested in a Weight Watchers scale (either for measuring food or myself), nor have I yet caved and got the measuring serving spoons (although, hint hint, they’d make a GREAT gift)! But the SodaStream is worth the money tenfold.

First, it’s green, as you reuse the same soda bottles over and over again. (You must use SodaStream bottles—you can’t simply use some old Pepsi ones.) I own six, although a lot of people only own two. Mine were all gifts. So you don’t have to throw the bottles away or schlep them to the return center or store them in your garage for ten months—you know who you are, guilty parties 🙂

Second, you don’t have to schlep all that heavy soda (or soda water) into your house. (Although that did burn calories!)

Third, you don’t have to find a place to store all that soda.

Fourth, it’s SUPER easy to use. Just read the VERY brief instructions that come with the machine.

Fifth, if you have trouble getting enough water each day, this device can really help. When I’m craving something sweet (and you guessed it, but not necessarily hungry), I whip up some soda water and add a splash of juice, typically grape, cran grape, or pineapple. My best friend prefers OJ.

On the weekends, I use wine, but I admit, I change the ratio. I typically pour 4 oz of wine in a glass and then pour some of that in a large wine glass, probably about 1/3 cup. I fill the remainder of the glass with soda water and my wine (4 PointsPlus®) lasts a LOT longer. Thank you, Mags, for this trick! (Mags also loves her Soda Stream, as do our friends Ashley, Aaron & Craige, and my aunt. Thank you Aaron and Craige for the introduction!)

The SodaStream is also handy for when we have guests whose beverage of choice is pop. My mom loves the SodaStream version of Coke Zero and if I’m having pizza on a Saturday night, I’ll use the Diet Caffeine Free Cola syrup. There are a ton of flavors on the SodaStream website, including their Natural line, although I usually use the 20% off coupons at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Target and amazon.com also carry most SodaStream products. Macy’s sells the machines but I don’t believe the syrups.

Finally, the machines have a great warrantee. I broke mine (it’s a long story but it was completely my fault) and they still had me choose any new one I liked and they shipped it to me for free. Because I had to call twice (long story) they also sent me 3 bottles of syrup, two bottles, and a sample flavor kit with a ton of samples. And everyone was very nice too.

In case you’re wondering, I chose to get another Genesis. (They have a few different models of SodaStream machines and this seems to be the most basic.)

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2 thoughts on “I <3 My SodaStream

  1. Daumen hoch für diesen Beitrag! Klasse Content, ich hoffe hier kommen in Zukunft noch viele weitere Beiträge! 🙂

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