Boiled Dinner

Many people make this around St. Patrick’s Day. In my family, we also make it for Christmas and Easter since it’s my favorite and it’s so easy. But, loving it like I do, and loving cooking once for over a week’s worth of lunch leftovers, I’m going to be working this one into the rotation a lot more.

Many people use a ham shoulder, but a nice employee at Hannaford recommended a Smithfield’s cut of ham that works even better. Instead of a lot of fat on the edge and a big bone, it has less fat and a little bone. It’s about 5 pounds typically.

Simply unwrap the ham and toss it in a stock pot with 5 pounds of peeled carrots, 2 cabbages (halved), and 8 onions (peeled and halved). Cover everything with water. Then add a bit more water, as you’ll soon be adding 8 potatoes.

Boil this for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add 8 potatoes, peeled and halved.

Boil this for about an hour and 45 minutes more, stirring occasionally. If you like your veggies softer, you might want to cook it a little longer. If you like them less done, then of course, cook them a little less.

I know I shouldn’t, but I spray my potato with I Can’t Believe it’s not butter. I would taste the veggies before salting, as the ham passes on a lot of flavor to the veggies. I never need any additional salt, just some pepper on the potato.

Points Breakdown:

½ cup ham: 3 PointsPlus®

Large potato: 4 PoitnsPlus®

Everything else is free (no points)!

For dessert, we frequently have strawberry sundaes. See the recipe in my recent post.

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