My Top Tricks to Success

Track every bite and sip. It all counts. And remember, half points don’t exist. Each bite, lick, or taste is (at least) a point.

Workout at least moderately 5 times a week. This probably varies from person to person, but for me, even if I come in on target with my points, if I don’t work out at least five times, I typically gain weight. If you currently aren’t active at all, you’ll of course want to ease into it and consult your doctor first. Find activities you like—try new things. I’m constantly surprised at the activities I’ve fallen in love with that I always thought I’d hate. It may be a real challenge, but if you’re committed to being healthy, you need to find time to work out, period. Some people get up at 5 am to fit it in and some stay up until midnight. Some have a quick lunch and go then. Find a way. Make it happen. You can do it.

Watch the sodium the day before weigh-in. You can easily get a sort of false (high) reading on the scale when you eat a lot of sodium before weigh-in. It’s most likely water weight due to sodium intake if you’re on target with your points, so don’t cause yourself the unnecessary disappointment.

Turn to substitutions of some of your favorites to save points and lose weight faster. See my favorite substitutions here.

Indulge frequently. I promise, if you try to cut out all ‘treats,’ it will backfire. Every single person I know who tried the deprivation route had very short lived success. Accept that you need to make a healthy lifestyle change. You’re not on a temporary “diet,” you’re in it for the long, healthy haul. I typically indulge quite a bit on weekends and have a very small treat each day during the week. Typically I’ll have two Weight Watchers candies after lunch on a weekday or I’ll have a bite of something ‘bad’ that my husband’s eating at night.

Look foods/drinks up BEFORE you consume them. Have your point rip-off surprise before you eat it so you can still opt to skip it.

Pre-track. In other words, track in advance of eating. I find this super helpful, especially when I’m trying to save points—who wants to track twice? You’re right, no one. So you’ll probably stick to what you pre-track to avoid having to.

Eat protein to stay ahead of hunger. Poultry, fish, nuts, nut butters, or even an Atkins bar are all plentiful sources of this ally. And in case you haven’t heard, Atkins bars are way better than you might think! (Honestly, they still aren’t paying me for all this promotion–I just really love their bars.)

Stay tuned for more tricks to success and please share your tips below!

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