More Favorite Low-Points Desserts

Coincidentally, all the desserts in this post are 5 PointsPlus® and easily double as a pre-workout snack due to the high protein values. And they are tasty. And satisfying. Did I mention that they’re tasty?

2 frozen blueberry waffles with fresh blueberries and ¼ cup light whipped cream (aerosol). (I buy Kashi brand, but other brands offer the blueberry flavor as well.) This is a great pre-gym snack too—more protein than a serving of almonds. Or you could opt to replace one waffle with a few almonds and really impress your taste buds.

Instead of Keebler® Fudge Stripes™ cookies, which I can never seem to eat in a reasonable portion, but instead find myself rapidly inhaling, I now opt for an Atkins Advantage Chocolate Chip Granola meal bar. This way, it’s 5 PointsPlus® and I’m satisfied (probably due to the high protein value) without having to starve for the rest of the week. (Okay, so I use the term ‘starve,’ extremely liberally.) Likewise, I find that having the Atkins Advantage Cookies ‘n Creme meal bar pre-workout is a much smarter option than Oreos. I really like tea with this one because the chocolate covering the bar gets all melty.

Instead of Snickers (8 PointsPlus®), try an Atkins Advantage Caramel Nut Roll . My mom and I were super surprised at how good these were. Whoever’s concocting the bars for Atkins deserves a raise!

P.S. No, Atkins didn’t pay me for this post. Not even in their delicious meal bars. But if any of you Atkins representatives read this and want to say ‘thanks’ with some, I’ll be happy to provide my address!

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