Easy Post-Workout Meals

If you’re at all like me, you get home from the gym at night and you’re ready to refuel stat. Here are some of my quickest low-point options. After all, we certainly don’t want to eat too many more points than we just burned!

Lloyd’s pulled chicken with green beans. The pulled chicken is 1 PointsPlus® per ounce, so choose how much you need once you’ve had a bowl of green beans. I usually buy frozen and microwave them, but be careful not to microwave them for too long or the texture will be off. If you like, you can have your chicken on a light wheat bun for an extra 3 PointsPlus®. I work out hard so I usually do 6 oz. of chicken without a bun for 6 PointsPlus®. If I’m still hungry, I have some grapes or other fruit.

 Tuna melt and sliced cucumber. Toast or broil two slices of Weight Watchers bread (1 point each). Mix ½ cup tuna (2 points) and 2 tablespoons low fat mayo (1 point) with garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper. Once your bread’s toasted as you like (usually just takes a minute or so in the broiler), top a slice with your tuna mixture and a fat free cheese single (1 point) and broil for another minute. If you like, add tomato slices too (0 points). I read that chunk light tuna is the worst for mercury levels, so I avoid that. There’s a reason it’s so cheap! Also, be sure to avoid the tuna canned in oil. Obviously that’s a hot mess. If I’m feeling really bad, I have some Crystal Light fruit punch with it (no extra points). PointsPlus® unless you like more tuna or low fat mayo.

Turkey wrap and cucubmer slices. Use a Mission Carb Balance tortilla or other 2-point wrap, 1 serving (1/2 cup) deli turkey, 1 serving low fat mayo, 1 low flat cheese slice (I usually buy Land O Lakes Slender American at the deli), and load it up with veggies. I prefer lettuce, tomato, shredded carrot, and sprouts. A bit of low fat herb cheese spread is nice instead of mayo sometimes. Alouette Light Garlic and Herbs is at most grocery stores. 6 PointsPlus®.

Bell pepper omelet with an orange and PB toast. I usually use 1 cup egg beaters (4 points), a lot of diced bell peppers, and a fat free cheese single. I pair it with two slices of Weight Watchers toast with a SUPER thin smear of reduced fat peanut butter. I’m talking, barely cover the bread with peanut butter. The PB toast is 2 points a slice. 8 PointsPlus.

Veggie burger and cucumber slices. I typically buy Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Chicken Burgers or Morningstar Farms Veggie Medley Veggie Burgers (3 pointsplus each). Add a light wheat bun for an extra 3 points and ketchup for another. Lettuce and tomato are free, as is a pickle on the side. 6 PointsPlus®.

Chickpea salad. I typically make this on Sunday and then it’s all ready to grab during the week. 9 PointsPlus®.

Oatmeal and grapes. I have two servings of steel cut oats with 1 cup Hood Calorie Countdown fat free milk and 1 serving of brown sugar (or agave, most cheaply available at Trader Joe’s, I believe, in the big bottle) and grapes. If you can’t find the Hood milk, go with the 40 calorie almond milk. Add diced sugar free dried apricots from Trader Joe’s or BJ’s for no additional points if you like. 10 PointsPlus®.

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  2. Thanks so much, Lynette–glad you like the blog! I tweet all my new posts via my Twitter handle, @nkrodney, and you can “follow” the blog with the gray “follow” button in the lower right corner of the screen. Then you’ll automatically be notified when I post something new.

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