More Surprising Point Deals

  • Trader Joe’s ‘The Works’ bagels (6 PointsPlus®) with 1 serving neufchatel, which is 1/8 of the package,  7 PointsPlus®. (Yes, these are the ones that say Spinoza on the label.) You can find neufchatel with the cream cheese. I buy it in brick form but don’t have any trouble spreading it.
  • Boston cream pie (6 PointsPlus®) while most Boston cream donuts are 9 points, although Honeydew’s is only 8 and is huge. So the latter is a point deal in itself since it’s actually filling, especially if you add a plain Greek yogurt with fruit for only 3 points more. Honey Dew Donuts is a chain, like Dunkin’ but way better, in the Boston area. I’ve had great Boston cream pie from BJ’s and Hannaford (a grocery store), although those from Sam’s Club are a bit dry.
  • McDonalds’s southwest grilled chicken salad is 7 PointsPlus® (yes, with dressing, cheese, and tortilla strips) and the chicken is surprisingly great. If you want to save even more points, you can opt for the low fat Italian or balsamic dressing instead of the creamy southwest dressing. The regular dressing is 3 points.
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