A Plea to Group Fitness Instructors

To me, group fitness is where it’s at. All you do is show up. You don’t have to think. There’s no planning, there’s no loading of music onto your iPod, and you’re probably going to work harder with an instructor and peers there. But group fitness classes DO vary. In each gym, there’s usually one or two that, frankly, suck. Group fitness instructors, to avoid this, please:

  1. Start on time. This means showing up early to get your music set to go. At go time, just press play. The late people might even start showing up on time.
  2. Give us a full class. Even if this means going past the time the class is scheduled to end. We’ll leave if we have to. As there might be a class directly after yours, this is a good reason to follow #1.
  3. Switch up the music. By the tenth time we’ve heard your 70s mix, we’re over it. And we were probably over it by the third time and now cringe every time we hear the first beat and know exactly what we’re in for. If we don’t know what’s coming music- or exercise-wise, it’s far more exciting.
  4. Ask for feedback, including on the music, and incorporate said feedback into future classes. Provide your attendees with an email address if you’re comfortable. If not, create a Facebook page where your attendees can message you. Maybe we’re dying to Zumba to a particular song and don’t know what it’s called. Maybe we’re so sick of doing the same combination of legs, arms, and abs week in and week out. Maybe we wish you’d do that one killer ab exercise more often.
  5. Provide a more challenging option for each exercise.
  6. Be energetic. If you look like you’re about to drop, it’s kind of contagious. Try to stay upbeat. If you’re sick or got no sleep, let us know you’ll try to do your best, but you’re having a tough day.
  7. Push us. Sometimes we space out and don’t even realize we’re half-assing it. And sometimes we’re wussing out and praying you don’t notice. Don’t let us—in the end we’ll be glad you pushed us!

Apologies if this all seems like a bulletin from the department of the obvious, but we’re desperate.

Photo by www.localfitness.com.au.

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One thought on “A Plea to Group Fitness Instructors

  1. Big Bro on said:

    I like this list…you’re, like, cracking the whip on the trainers, putting the shoe on the other foot, so to speak…haha.

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