Cheap Workout Gear

Another excuse I often hear for why people don’t work out or don’t work out as much as they’d “like” to (yeah, right) is that workout clothes are so expensive and it’s hard to find the best ones. Problem solved:

  1. Amazon. Especially shoes like Reebok Easy- and RunTone. It’s also probably the cheapest place to get quality sports bras like Under Armour ones, which I love—especially the reversible blue ones.
  2. Joe’s New Balance Outlet. I got my True Balances here. Definitely the lowest price I saw.
  3. Loehmann’s. I got my Puma BodyTrains here, which seem to currently be the best toning walking shoe. However, the sole still looks too bulky for my taste and the colors looked a bit different when I opened the box from what I saw on the website–not a huge fan of the silver that turned out to be on the white ones, but I don’t like the other colors either. And really, I’m not that picky typically!
  4. Old Navy. I bought my favorite running shorts here. The built-in underwear are super comfortable and I love how they hide my real underwear so no one sees them if I decide to throw in some abs or planks. I also buy my yoga pants and t-shirts here. The t-shirts aren’t technically for working out, but the thin ones they sell are especially perfect for it—not too bulky or long. They now actually have Ts specifically for activity, but I’m so stocked up I haven’t tried ’em yet–they look cute though. Old Navy also has sports bras, but even on sale, I wasn’t impressed with the price. I’ll stick to Walmart for that.
  5. Walmart. I get my socks, hair ties, and sports bras here, typically Speedo brand for the latter.(My mom bought me the Under Armour one mentioned above. Mark doesn’t call me El Cheapo for nothin’!) I also get Danskin capri leggings here, which I sometimes wear when I work out.
  6. Macy’s. When it comes to working out, underwear matter a lot. I love the Vanity Fair black lace bikinis—they look great, but are super comfortable. Macy’s typically has a buy 2 get 1 free sale, but at least once a year has a buy 3 get 3 free. Score!
  7. City Sports in Boston. Their basement is all on sale, or even clearance—I can’t remember which. They have so many awesome things. Honestly, I try not to go ‘cause I just want to buy the whole store, which obviously isn’t a bargain. Thank you, Aaron, for the introduction!
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