Low Points Desserts

Want something sweet but have few points to spare? Here are my go-to’s:

  1. Frozen cherries: 0 PointsPlus® (prepackaged by Stop and Shop and other grocers). My absolute fav, these are amazingly sweet and delicious!
  2. Frozen grapes: 0 PointsPlus® (freeze ‘em yourself). I prefer red, but of course, you might like green.
  3. Weight Watchers pecan turtles: 1 PointsPlus®  each. Okay, you got me, I usually  have 2 or 3! While they aren’t my fav, they work well for vacations when I just want a little something after dinner but have already splurged on dinner.
  4. Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Antioxidants caramel coconut fudge bar: 3 PointsPlus®. Also great for on-the-go, I love the built-in portion control and how remarkably satisfying these are. Plus, you can buy them wholesale so they’re a deal to boot!
  5. 60-69% dark chocolate: 4 PointsPlus® per square. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about this one, but it’s pretty handy to throw in your purse as long as it’s not sweltering out (which in New England, let’s face it, it rarely is).
  6. Only 8: 1 PointsPlus® for ½ cup. If it IS sweltering out, this stuff does the trick at helping me resist frozen custard—which I do try to have at least once a summer. No deprivation for this girl!
  7. If you can’t find Only 8, Wow Cow: 2 PointsPlus® for ½ cup.
  8. Diet soda cake. An old standby, just add a can (or 1 ½ cups) of diet soda to any cake mix instead of the ingredients called for on the package. Bake as directed. Frost with a can of frosting for a 5-point slice that is 1/16 of the cake. Use dark colored sodas for chocolate or red velvet cake and clear sodas for white, yellow, or confetti cake. By far, my favorite is the confetti. Be careful though, the confetti cake is just as addicting as the real thing! (I can detect a slight difference with the other flavors in comparison to those flavors made as instructed on the package.)
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