My 5 Best Fitness Tips

Right off the bat, in only my second post, I’m going to give you my best pieces of hard found fitness advice. They are by no means the most original tips, but they’ve stood the test of time for me. They allow me to maintain a healthy weight and feel amazing, so I’m sticking to ‘em.

  1. Don’t diet: change your lifestyle. The second you go off your diet, you’ll gain it all back. Build habits that are sustainable. Baby steps.
  2. Don’t be a “Deprivation Dan,” as I heard once in a Weight Watchers meeting. Granted, this is the cheesiest way they could have said it, but the point stands: depriving yourself WILL backfire. I promise. If you’re on Weight Watchers, do what they tell you to do and eat at least 26 PointsPlus® a day. If you have extra at the end of the day, indulge. This will help prevent you from going overboard later.  
  3. Move. Somehow, someway, get out of your office chair or off your couch. I strongly recommend group fitness. I’ve never seen an instructor who pushed a rookie too far. I’ve never seen an instructor who didn’t have your best interests at heart. Go, if only for the music.
  4. Stock up on fruits and veggies. If you’re finding it hard to stick to your allotted daily calories, reach for fruits and vegetables instead of that 100-calorie bar or snack pack. You’ll be fuller and your body will thank you. If you just “don’t want” fruit or veggies, you’re not that hungry.
  5. Eat protein. Today, this is beyond obvious to me. When I started “reining in” the eating, it was far from it. I learned the hard way by figuring it out for myself. When I get enough protein, the “rumbling in my tumbling” is miraculously nowhere to be seen and I am much better able to resist the siren call of my “trigger foods.” (More on this topic in a future blog post.) Perk: those around you will be happier too! So what’s enough protein? Bob Harper’s shorthand way to calculate it is to divide your weight by two and eat that many grams of protein spread throughout the day over the course of your meals and snacks. Keep your eyes peeled for some great protein-packed snack and meal ideas here soon!
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