Hi, I’m Nick

I had planned to start this blog out with a “my story” post. Well, that didn’t go so well, so instead, I’m giving you one of my favorite things: a list. That is, a bit of a bio in list form.

5 Things (I Love) About Me:

1. I love food.

2. I’m not a foodie—foie gras will never be my thing, I’m fairly convinced.

3. I call it like I see it: as Mark, my husband, says: “I’m not gonna lie to ya.” (See use of the word “fatty” in my bio.)

4. My fitness mantra, summed up amazingly by Nike: “Every damn day.” (Okay, I do take the prescribed rest days, but it still feels like every damn day sometimes.)

5.        I ❤ ❤ ❤ group fitness.

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One thought on “Hi, I’m Nick

  1. Yes. So funny…step away from the chips. Most excellent start 🙂

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